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  1. 除奸道长

    Dear Reporter: Hello!
    I would like to offer you and your media Madoff a Chinese-style material financial fraud cases, which undoubtedly will be quite a stir on Wall Street. There is a Nasdaq-listed Chinese companies, called CREG, China Recycling Energy Limited. He called the library the founder Guohua, because I had the company itself is the senior management. I have to convince the most right. No intention of libraries is another Guohua Madoff. This is a commercial trap. A lot of money to see this in the low-carbon business, he was corrupt liar squandered.
    First of all I talk about library Guohua, was a Chinese public security departments to monitor suspects of economic crimes, he had no right to go abroad, you can see the strange rise in the CREG board when the library did not attend because he is being monitored persons suspected of numerous cases of financial fraud, official restrictions by the Chinese to leave. You will probably guess what my personal conflicts with him. Then we issue a commercial point of view.
    Look at their financial accounts, investment Xingtai steel trt power projects, frequently break down, unable to pronounce the call, causing the owners did not pay any accounts payable (electricity). If you requested research, they will give you a contact telephone number, are actually employees of their own mobile phone, you do not visit the actual owner of the phone, but you can go to the financial book Xingtai Iron and Steel paid to see in Xi’an China accounts for days is a fraction of the money. And the CREG on the show is completely different from the two figures.
    Say that in Shanxi Changzhi Iron and Steel plant waste heat power generation projects, libraries, Guohua adopt a more despicable means, with out out of the generator and turbine installed in the project after the renovation, if you want him to come up with these equipment factory Comparison of the certificate and original music, you will find are all fake. Changzhi Iron and Steel Plant discovered the problem, basically terminated the payment of electricity to the days Chinese companies that were in the days of China’s income from that company to book, only forged.
    Talk about the prestige of cement waste heat power generation project in Shaanxi, days China Guohua Company under the command library, modify the basic drawing power station, the original power station cement perfusion was changed to steel structures, machinery, electrical shock has caused many to stop run, even the maintenance of specialized lifting equipment, the tonnage has been modified, resulting in current overhaul of the turbine and generator can not function properly. Library Guohong also command prestige Cement thugs beating the financial vice president, led to the current prestige of cement waste heat power generation project in the payment of electricity, has not paid into the accounts of the days of China, then the financial returns that appear to it? Are false.
    Library Guohua project financing is a means used to cheat a lot of Carlyle’s investment, the basic approach is to exaggerate the project’s total investment, reduce investment in actual projects, then the difference between them of corruption, for example, Carlyle Lintong own money in Shaanxi the establishment of a factory, then packed, then there creg to purchase a large number of empty-handed defrauding investors of money. Accounts do not exist on the use of machinery and equipment to make up accounts on the gaps, cheating investors money.
    Let me say Erdos alloy waste heat power generation project, because the first of several projects due to a large number of equipment manufacturers and construction companies money, the former well-known suppliers and partners refused to cooperate, had a change in Luoyang CITIC Heavy Machinery equipment, this is not a coincidence nor false. Waste Heat Power Generation Technology hesitate alloy maturity, efficiency is very low, no electricity to the Basic Law. Station owners have resigned themselves, power generation equipment failure on many occasions, are the reasons for cutting corners. The project, a credit company in Beijing cheat money. Electric unable to pronounce the years, that’s income in that book are all the false man-made fabrication.
    Described above is the most comprehensive factual information, libraries are now in the lease by the Chinese government to blow up a number of small-scale power plant emissions, and then transformed into Biomass Power Plant, and then announced a full takeover of the assets mortgaged to the bank or as investment in fixed assets continued to defraud people of money, on the other hand to increase their investment to cheat the stock market investors money. I have stated is true, if you closely examine Otherwise, the investment easily bring the only shareholders and investors, your loss of pay for another Madoff. Including the Deloitte audit are library bought a million dollars in commissions, they give you enough to make any false report.
    As a conscientious and honest, I addressed to you at great risk to provide these real data, please refer to. You may not believe me, but as long as you secretly do some necessary business surveys will understand what I said is not slander and defamation feel.
    An honest Chinese



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